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True democracy remains in the heart of everyday Americans in the ability to elect a candidate that best represents their interests, regardless of political affiliation. Representation should not be defined in red and blue, nor should party affiliation be the line that divides us. There is not one single issue that does not cross party lines, and doing things the way things have always been done is no longer an option.  Andrea has the courage to hold difficult conversations, listen to people as individuals, outside of presumed ideologies, and bring the these voices to the capitol. 

Together, We the People, are taking the Flag back, one vote at a time! 

USA Flag

Andrea understands the everyday challenges families are facing because she is listening and working with us to find solutions. We can create a better future for all of us if we focus on the issues that matter most and work together to get things done. We can help families better afford their lives by working to reduce the cost of health care and prescription drugs and hold big corporations accountable for their role in rising prices. We can fully fund our local schools and improve opportunities for our children. We can reduce gun violence and improve safety in our communities. And we can protect abortion rights and women’s access to health care. Andrea will work for these issues and more, so we can build a better and a better Minnesota.

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