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Andrea Robinson
for MN House 13a

Welcome, I am so excited to meet you!


I appreciate every opportunity to hear what matters most to you so I can bring your voice to the Capitol.  


We the People, are taking the Flag back 

I, like many of you, are frustrated with our nation's current state of affairs, and doing things the way things have always is no longer an option. 

True democracy remains in the heart of everyday Americans in the ability to elect a candidate that best represents their interests.  Citizens just like you are tasked with changing the direction of our nation by electing candidates that are willing to listen, work hard and compromise at the table.

Representation should not be defined in red and blue, nor should party affiliation be the line that divides us. There is not one single issue that does not cross party lines. 

I encourage each of you to step outside of your comfort zone and seek a candidate that best represents your interests regardless of political affiliation.  

I have the courage to hold difficult conversations, listen to people as individuals, outside of presumed ideologies, and bring the these voices to the capitol. 

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We are a nation of the people, and for the people and we the people are taking the flag back.

 I want to hear from you!

Your voice matters

601 Emma Dr SECold Spring, MN 56320


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